It's a Rocky World
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Meet Rocky —


My name is Ra’Chell Richards and it has forever been in my DNA to empower and support people and moreover, women. Take my name for example, I want to empower people to get it right, so I go by Rocky! I am the influence, inspiration and soul behind It’s a Rocky World. 

Since my childhood in St. Louis I have always loved fashion; how it made me feel, how it made me look and how it inspired the times. Although I loved fashion and its influential powers, I must admit, I wasn’t the most fashionable person I certainly wasn’t the most confident!

Because of my dark skin, I struggled to see beauty and feel beautiful. Yes, within I still had my creative spirit, but it was suffocated by the fear of drawing too much attention to myself. I was afraid to shine. In spite of my insecurities, I found a way to turn my biggest fear into my passion. Now I want to empower you to do the same!

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Three years ago, life dealt me the best hand and I went all in, I confidently took the enormous leap of faith and relocated to Philadelphia, PA. This journey has challenged, inspired and ignited my personal mission to Inspire you to live life more confidently . Through curating your personal style, lifestyle pivot, together we will enjoy what hand life is ready to deal you all while finding and embracing the beauty within.

Inspiring the everyday girl and woman to live life confidently

This platform was created for the girl I once was and inspired by the woman I am now. Embracing my forth coming role as wife, navigating friendships, honoring sisterhood, managing my millennial and enhancing my entrepreneurial flame are a journey that I want to share with you and embolden you to do the same!