Conversations with Claire + Pajamas

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending Conversations with Claire at the Indigo Bleu Design and Culture Center. Just in case you're not familiar with whom the amazing & talented Claire Sulmers is, her blog Fashion Bomb Daily is 1 of the top 50 most influential style sites in the world and the #1 online fashion mag. Fashion Bomb Daily has been killing the game for 10 years now and seems to be getting bigger by the day. Talk about someone that we can learn a thing or two from! 


The best part about events like this is actually meeting up with like minded individuals like yourself, who share the same crazy dreams and are willing to take risks. I finally met a few lovely individuals in the area Roni, Shannan, Shavonne and many others who follow the blog; and of course the beautiful Claire. 

Being featured on Fashion Bomb Daily for the second time this past week was such a blessing and honor. I'm always overwhelmed by the love from you guys but I must say that I was more overwhelmed by the love Claire showed me and my blog!  

After making everyone feel like we were totally her girlfriends during the conversation, I was one of the first to snag a book and jump in line. Little did I know that Claire knew exactly who I was and was just as excited to see me as I was to meet her. We shared a long embrace, snapped tons of pictures and of course I got a few videos clips for you all! 

SN: I apologize for letting you guys down so much but people I'm only 5'0 -- ha!!! Needless to say, you guys embraced my shortness and big curly hair! 


The event kicked off with goody bags for everyone, lite bites, and of course, and all the mimosas a girl could indulge in. Anytime Dayna and I get together you guys know that a photo shoot is sure to take place plus all the live feed from the event. 

The Bomb Life

Claire held nothing back and gave us the real deal -- if you know what I mean. From being vulnerable about past relationships to even being cyber bullied by another blogger. We were able to hear about her growth in the industry with the blog and some of the risks she took to get to the place that she's at now. After hearing her story, the audience was able to go up and actually get some advice from Claire. 


How do you feel like politics is playing a role in the fashion world right now? 

Should I narrow down my niche to one thing? 

Am I low-balling myself by not charging my audience full price? 

Thank You 

Thanks to the Fashion Bomb Daily team for inviting me to experience #ConvosWithClaire Next stops are New York, LA,  Houston, Atlanta, D.C and more! 

Will you be in attendance?


Photographer (Yusef D.)