Healthier Lifestyle Goals

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Rocky End Of Year Shoot  (180 of 363).jpg

A few months back I made a list of all the goals I wanted to achieve for 2017 and honestly that list hasn't changed a bit. If anything, I've continued to add on to it. Hey, I'm going for it all.

I realized I wanted to achieve so much stuff this year but not one of my goals consisted of self care. How could I leave that off the list? Before December yah girl was sucking at self-care. I might have dodged the freshman 15 for a few years but just skating throughout life now ain't cutting it no more. I'm attempting to take a better initiative with taking care of not only myself but also being a positive role model for others around me. 

What's keeping me inspired on this healthy journey? Well -- of course having stylish pieces! With temperatures dropping more and more each day it's very important to bundle up even if your making a quick dodge to the gym.

These days I've been pulling my Lovello Elizabeth out to do just that for me. Not too heavy and not too light plus it's the perfect color to pair with almost any workout gear.   

Of course I wouldn't be me if my workout gear wasn't stylish too! I saw this cute little number on the gram and was all over it. This croptop and legging set is a show stopper and sure to make a statement. In the past I've had the problem of not being able to find bottoms that are not only flattering to my shape but also don't show the whole world what I'm working with underneath? I know i'm not the only one! Lucky for me -- this material is thick and perfect to not only work out in but to also rock as stylish sporty gear. 

I think i'll be the FIRST to request this in more colors! 


This flask from girlbuy has been the perfect addition to my life. With my horrible intake of water in the past, I had to make a push somewhere along the lines to fuel my body. If this flask isn't the cutest thing than I don't know what is. And, to add an extra bonus the saying "drink your effing water" is just what you need to stay hydrated. This flask can be customized to your liking and holds up to 16oz of water. It also gives off the perception off glass but it's actually plastic which is perfect for gym. No mess. No hassle. 

SN: I've already went a head and started recommending this to people I know! 

Know a workout freak that would love this as a gift? 

Share some of your favorite workout gear with me and I guess you can share some great workout routines as well!