If it's one thing you shouldn't leave the store without, it definitely has to be a little black dress. This just happens to be one timeless piece that will never go out of style.  I like to think it's like wine --- it gets better with time! I'm sure we've all gone to that LBD at some point or another to save the day and it never fails. 


Let's be honest here ladies -- the LBD can be a blessing and a curse. It perfectly accentuates one's physique and brings out all of those curves even you forgot existed at one point or another. Whether you're on the market or off, this little number will satisfy anyone's needs. 

BE768DB1-DCF2-49FD-A7EB-4EE1F78A7205 (1).JPG

As I prepare for the next chapter in my life; style just seems to become much more than what's in trend or what stands out to me. As a future wife and mother, more than ever now I think about the image I hope and plan to give off. 

I'm all for the LBD, especially this one that proves less is more. 

IMG_3660 (1).JPG