Miami in September


Miami came as a surprise to me and if you ask the closest people around me -- it did for them as well! If I'm being completely honest, I didn't tell a soul and it felt good just to pack up and go.


The fiancé and I arrived in Tampa, FL early Monday morning (FYI -- Southwest Airlines fly directly into Tampa, FL but not Miami, FL) and snagged an Uber into Miami City to head to the lovely W Miami Hotel. 


This was my second time in Miami and the best time I've had as well! We've taken a few couples trips together but this one was our first couples trip out of Philly, and much needed might I add. So, of course, we immediately took advantage of the City and what it had to offer. Day by day we made our way from Miami City to South Beach. We previously had the pleasure of staying on South Beach during our last visit, so this trip we decided to take advantage of some city living and actually making our way around. The Uber rides were very inexpensive ($3.00 back and forth) and the turn around time for drivers to arrive was within 5 mins. 

In no time at all, you could have access to the beach and where ever else your heart desired! In my case -- that meant nearby Starbucks drop-offs.


Most mornings started off just right at the perfect temp but by Mid-day the Sun got the best of us. Going from Philly where the Fall has made it's way in and heading to Miami where Fall almost doesn't exist at all was a big change. Therefore, I selected outfits that would be comfortable for traveling, the beach and a little (where ever the day takes us) type of vibe.


We dibbled and dabbled in just about everything under the Sun. From early morning breakfast dates to late night pool dipping! Hey, when you're traveling with your best friend who also happens to be the best fiancé in the world -- the day is full of endless activities.


Our weekend was perfect from start to finish and as if we needed anything else to add to it -- the spa area located in the W Miami Hotel totally put the icing on the cake! I mean really, what better way to start the day? I think it's safe to say that we took advantage of Miami and most of what it had to offer!

Until next time, Miami...