Mule me, please!

The number one question I’m asked daily is “How do you piece your looks together so effortlessly?” Needless to say, for me it comes a little easy. Now, you may catch me in the mirror swapping out items until I get the right fit but I’m dedicated to the process, which some may not be — and that’s totally fine!

So, Rocky what’s the secret?

The hottest trends are always right in front of our face, it’s up to us if we want to hop on board with them. Honestly, when the creative juices aren’t flowing for me, I can always rely on the the latest trends to find inspiration from.

Hence these fabulous #TRENDY mules I’ve been sliding into since snagging them! You’ve seen these famous slides on your favorite celebrities and possibly some bloggers.

PHOTOGRAPHER//  Dayo Okuboyejo