Nino Brand X Hotel Palomar

As you all may know from my past post -- Staycation Room 1202  I had the opportunity to stay in the beautiful Kimpton Palomar Hotel a week ago, and was totally impressed with everything! From the beautiful decor, to the amazing view of the city. As if things couldn't get better, I learned that the Palomar hotel has also teamed up with the Nino Brand to bring their guests a private shopping experience like none other.


Here's how the process works: 

1 | Dial 0 from your room for the concierge and request the capsule collection.

2 | After the pieces have been delivered to your room, try them on in your chosen size.

3 | Fill out the order form with the styles and sizes you'd like to buy.

4 | Keep your chosen pieces. 

5 | Your purchases will be added to your final bill at checkout.



I'm not sure about you but this is brilliant to me! It made my stay 10x's better to know that I could order any piece at anytime and be ready for a day/night out on the town. I'm always forgetting something, whether I'm on vacation, or staying in the city for a stay-cation. Now, things just got a little simpler. 

Thanks to the NINO Brand and Kimpton Hotel Palomar for the beautiful capsule pieces.