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Believe it or not this "stay cation" was really a vacation for me. I've had the pleasure of staying at the Kimpton Palomar hotel earlier this year but never truly experienced all they had to offer and boy was I in for a treat!  


We checked in late Friday around 8pm and I tried my hardest not to crash from my long day of work. To cut to the chase -- I didn't stand a chance. 

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Wake Up Call 

In the morning we headed out into the city to find some grub. I've been on a caffeine kick lately and couldn't leave without a fresh cup of coffee which I snagged a complimentary cup of before heading out for the day. Not even one block away from the hotel, we ran into the cutest little restaurant that sits on the corner of 18th and Chestnut. What really caught my eye was the beautiful vibrant color of the building! I initially stopped just to get a quick shot for the morning and ended up going in spare of the moment. Boy did we stumble across a gem. The Continental Midtown restaurant is a modern 2-level space with a rooftop that offers the opportunity to enjoy your meal in the cutest swing basket seats. How could I past up such an experience? I 

P.S I ordered a continental cheese burger with a glass of cranberry juice. I love cranberry juice! 

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After exploring the city we headed back to the hotel for some down time. Even though this was a "staycation" for me, I of course couldn't stay away from answering emails and getting back to you all on social media. I was glad to have the option of working at a desk or chilling on a comfy couch to make my task a little bit smoother. Oh, I might have indulged in getting caught up on local business as well! -- Can't stop a girl from working!

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Later on that night we headed down stairs to enjoy dinner at the beautiful Square 1682 restaurant located inside the hotel. I was so thankful that the restaurant was just a elevator away. After opting for a  simple yet classy black knee length dress we headed down. I'm really a picky eater and was shocked that I enjoyed everything that was brought to us! We'll totally be back for another date night. 

Menu Recommendations

  • Duck Toast

  • Filet Mignon

  • Whipped Potatoes

  • Punch Drunk Love (21+ Beverage)

  • Cheesecake

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I can't stress how necessary this staycation actually was for me! THANKS TO @KIMPTONINPHL FOR THE BEAUTIFUL STAY! 

Check out my time during my takeover below!


Jumpsuit// (LOVELLO ELIZABETH) | Dress// (ECCENTRIC KRISTOURE) | GOLD SLATE// (renee redesigns) | NECKLACE// (ONECKLACE) | boots// (Steve Madden