Share the gift of love + Daniel Wellington

So, I failed my 2017 goal already. Why can I admit that I failed to all of my readers? Because I’m human and I have every intention to be as truthful and transparent with you all as I can. At the top of the year I wanted everything to be perfect and for content to be rolling out consistently. January 1st rolled by and nothing. Of course, I felt defeated but giving up just wasn’t an option. I decided to get my schedule together and try again for February.

Well, you guessed it! February 1st rolled around and nothing.

I failed and it’s okay. For me, I was able to acknowledge my failure and move on from it. Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we don’t come through on our deadlines but the true test comes when we find the courage to get back up and try again. Welp…I’m up and I’m trying again. The most precious thing we have in life is time and it’s up to us to decide how we spend it. Daniel Wellington makes that happen for me with their timeless watch collections. Now, staying on track of things is a breeze.

If I don’t keep anything in my closet, I keep a flannel button down top. I mean these things can be styled endlessly and literally takes an outfit from flab to fab just like that! When I saw this flannel skirt that gives off the illusion of a flannel shirt, I knew I needed it! And well, I’ve been getting compliments on it since then so I guess it’s safe to say that everyone else loves it too!

Of course, I couldn’t leave you all hanging without a discount code to snag your Daniel Wellington piece today! To save some coins use Discount Code: ROCKYWORLD at checkout! Also, with the purchase of a Classic or Dapper style watch customers will receive a charm gifted.

PHOTOGRAPHER//  Dayo Okuboyejo