Ultimate #girlboss Link Up

It's crazy to think that the exact same people I looked up to for so long now call me to set up shopping dates and photo shoots. SERIOUSLY. I'm sure you're wondering how right? How do you become friends with people on social media? How does the linkup come together?

When I stayed in the Midwest I never even knew this truly existed. Of course you always hear people say -- "network with others who are in the same niche as you" or "reach out to this and that person to link up." To be honest I never reached out to anyone and of course in return no one reached out to me. 

My location change created the perfect opportunity to start working with some true #girlbosses


Girl Boss #2 & #3

When I first moved to the East Coast two ladies reached out to me to be a part of a project called Mimosas & Tea and I was totally down for it. Little did I know that this social media interaction would soon make us the perfect dream team duo.  That's right folks -- Ta'Neisha and Taylor are truly the force behind It's A Rocky World. I couldn't have asked for a better photographer and MUA to work with.

Meet the crazy one, Taylor -- you might know her as @mamaphotog_ on Instagram. 

Meet the mellow one, Ta'Neisha -- you might know her as @mua_taneishanichole on Instagram.

If you're not looking to make magic then I promise you these girls are not your cup of tea. These two bring their "A" game no matter the time or day. As Philly natives they know the ins and outs of things and help me daily with navigating the city!

Fun Fact: They may or may not have been the first two people to purchase me glassware for my place when I first made the big move to Philly. Haha

Girl Boss #1

Meet my girl Dayna -- you might know her as @itsdaynadane on instagram.

My curl sista not only brings the heat with her coily short cut but also her fashion is everything! From being featured on Essence recently to working with your favorite brands like Palmers, Creme of Nature and so many more she's definitely one of my favorite bloggers to keep on my radar.

Would you believe me if I told you we met via social media?

Well, we did! We met online and immediately started interacting with one another on the daily. One comment lead to another which soon lead to a phone call that ended with Dayna standing right at my door step. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes you meet people who just get you.  Here's to many more trips we'll be making from Philly to Baltimore and vice versa. 

Fun Fact: Dayna Facetimed me last night when I was all ready to go to bed and I was totally embarrassed with my headscarf on, robe tied and makeup less face. We're totally friends for sure now.

Girl, what competition? 

Once we get out of our mind that we are not in competition with the next person, we can all do some amazing things. I promise you'll see growth like no other.

Here's to building genuine friendship via social media that develop into lasting friendships offline!

See the true realization of it all is that we're not in competition with one another. We can't make it alone to the top and even if we do -- well, that's one heck of a lonely ride. You'll be shocked to know that many of your favorite influencers you see offline with each other, actually met online. So, now you see what the Ultimate #girlboss Linkup looks like who are you linking up with in the future?


In true #girlboss form this couldn't be complete without a bomb brand to collab with and of course we had to bring in our girls from Spot86. 

Spot86 is owned by a woman named Troy, who also happens to personally make custom pieces for the brand. Yes, you've got that right -- this Dope AF bomber you're checking out was custom made by her. Spot86 is located in the Philly area and allows customers the ability to shop online or stop in their showroom by appointment only to check out the cool pieces.


Thanks to Spot86 for the collaboration. 

Rocky look: DRESS// (SPOT86) | BOMBER// (SPOT86) | SHOES// (PUBLICDERSIRE) | | CHOKER// 

Head over and checkout how Dayna spent her time in Philly with me. Plus she's spilling all the deets on her super chic look! Trust me, you won't want to miss it!