Why I took a leap on faith and you should too!


Would you believe me if I told you I've been blogging for less than a year and have received more opportunities than I could have ever imagined? Well I have and I did. Many wonder how or even why I started out blogging and you know it's actually not as complicated or amazing as one would think. I remember reaching out to a friend ( who also has a blog btw -- which you should totally check out Life of Random ) telling her all of my wants, talents, and yearnings to find an outlet that would allow me to get them out to others. She responded by directing me to purchase my domain and the rest is history. I never questioned her intentions and still use her as a vessel to motivate myself to keep It's A Rocky World up and running today.

Within 2 months of blogging I was chosen to be a V.I.P blogger for Saint Louis Fashion Week alongside a few other bloggers. Disbelief is honestly an understatement and I panicked about the what if's that could occur. What if I wasn't as skilled as the others? What if all my electronics went dead at the same time? What if I forget the expectations required of me? I mean I was completely freaking myself out and literally had to step back and assess the situation. Soon my fear was replaced with excitement and my doubt with motivation! This was the first time I realized not only was my blog worthy of the opportunity but I was as well. I took a leap on faith and you should too! 

I've realized from my own experiences that their are 3 things that keep us from taking a leap on faith.


Most of the time we fear what we can't see. It literally takes for someone else to notice, or a message to fall out of the sky for us to feel compelled to act on faith. So, here's to not letting fear be the reason you won't take a leap of faith. Now these next two can be kinda difficult so brace yourself.


Your self doubt can be so strong that no matter who/what anyone says, that little voice in your head is constantly knocking you down. This one is tough to get through because usually fear is triggered by doubt. Most of the time we find ourselves at the fear stage because at some point we've doubted our capabilities.

Lack of Knowledge

I hate to admit this but anytime I fear something it's honestly because I fear that I might lack knowledge in that specific area. The best thing I've learned throughout this process is that when you love something you'll put in the time and energy to educate yourself. If you're worried about not being the best then it's simple work until you're the best you can be.

You maybe wondering...Rocky why did you tell us all this? I'm saying this to say that everything won't be cookie cut, every task you take on won't be the best, and everything you do you won't succeed at. The good thing about all of this is with faith, it leaves you to have complete trust in the process and what's to come.

Photography | Taylor Baldwin ( Peaceful Photography)

Makeup Artist | Ta'Neisha Nichole @mua_taneishanichole

What is it that you want to take a leap of faith on?

I would love to know so don't hesitate to leave a comment below!              (That rhymes by the way)

From Philly...With Love